From concept to completion, we bring ideas to life! Whether you want a special piece for an event, or an everyday wear, or something in between, we can embrace those classic curves in style!

  • Thank you, Rachel for creating me my first ever corset! The process was so easy, I was very surprised, you have made lingerie fitting a joy again. The result is beautiful, fits me perfectly and was done so quickly! Impressive work. Sandra, High River.

  • When searching for the perfect bridal undergarment it became clear that there is nothing on the market tailored to women who want support as well as glamour. I heard about Rachel’s talents through the grapevine and thought I’d give her a try since I wasn’t finding anything worthy of my wedding day. I’m very glad I did! Rachel was friendly, discreet, and very helpful. I wasn’t really sure what kind of design I was even looking for in the beginning (just something show stopping!), but she was patient with me and together we decided on a concept that ended up turning out beautifully.
    Rachel takes fit very seriously. Nearing the end of completion I came in for a fitting and one breast was not set in the corset properly, it was unfortunate to have to fix because of the delicate design, but Rachel knew immediately that it had to be done.
    I was thrilled with the final product, I had a boudoir photo shoot with a Calgary photographer who said it was the most beautiful bridal set she had ever seen, and most importantly, my husband thought so too!
    I’d recommend her to anyone.

  • When I was getting married, I knew no one but Rachel could make my dress.  It was a theme wedding so my dress needed to be in a Regency era style – nothing that I could just walk into a store and find anything close.  I went searching on the internet, and found a picture of a dress in the Metropolitan Museum.  She took one look and said, “I can do that.”  And she did.
    My husband proposed on June 25 and I got married on September 6 of that year.  In that timeframe, I had many fittings to ensure the custom pattern would look exactly as desired.
    That wasn’t the first garment that Rachel has made for me over the years, including several corsets, and it won’t be the last.  Rachel’s work is impeccable, driven, and totally worth it.  I love putting on a piece of clothing that fits every bit of me.

    ---- Suzi Cook

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