About Us, and You

As an artist and designer, I strive to create unique yet wearable pieces that make a person feel how they deserve to feel. I am of the belief that every single person is fantastic and beautiful, every day. Whether you are a bride, a spouse, or a grandparent. If you are a fulltime parent, or a fulltime business maven. If you are managing to be both! (Kudos to you, btw!) If you are graduating from middle school, high school, university. If you like to stand out, or if you prefer to watch from the sideline. If you feel like you are just beginning, or are celebrating reaching a milestone. Wherever you are in your life, that is where you are meant to be, and Ivy Rose wants to be there to help you honor yourself.

My name is Rachel Haggerty and I founded Ivy Rose Designs after graduating with honors from the Fashion Design program at Olds College. I never expected to end up there, as all through my early and mid teens I fought to “not be forced into gender-specific educational requirements” but discovered that creating my own clothes was exactly the outlet I needed. The things I discover when I stop fighting and let the universe guide me!

I create in my home studio in High River, Alberta, and share my home and life with my husband, two teenaged boys, a dog, and three cats. Life is busy and perfect. I grew up in northern Saskatchewan, and am inspired by the life I had there, amid nature and defined seasons, with hoar frost and aurora borealis in the winter, budding trees in the spring. Heat waves and swimming at the lake in the summer, and the magical colors of autumn. Texture, layers, and hidden secrets.

Contact me at 403.652.6395, info@ivyrosedesigns.ca, or message me on fb or instagram