Custom Bra Design

white and black sheer bra by Ivy Rose Designs

Do you have a hard time finding a bra that is comfortable?

Bras are not intended to be torture devices!

They should not stab, scar, or maim you.

They should embrace your curves like a soft caress.

There is no need to be adjusting straps, pulling bands up or down, or worrying about your breasts falling out of your bra during daily activities.

Let the custom bra designer at Ivy Rose Designs solve ALL those problems for you!

She will create a bra pattern exclusively for your unique proportions, and stitch up a bra for you that works the way it should – with the majority of support provided by the band and the cup shaping. Straps should not dig in, nor fall off your shoulders. Underwires help provide a nice shape, but if you prefer wireless we can engineer that too. Wires are not required if the bra fits properly. The wires should encase the breast tissue, and not sit on top of it. A wire that is too large or too small can be very painful.

If you are ready to finally have a bra that fits please contact Rachel at Ivy Rose Designs

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