The Basic 1st Bra

“There is nothing more flattering than a well fitting bra”

“Basic 1st Bra”

This is the bra that starts it all. It is the one that all future bras and swimsuits will be based off of.

There are several steps involved in achieving the Basic 1st Bra. First is the initial consultation, which can take up to 90 minutes, During this first meeting, we will talk about what you are currently experiencing in your bras, and where they are failing you. The more open and honest this discussion is the better our results will be. Our patternmaker will take a multitude of measurements while you are wearing either your best fitting non-padded bra, or one of our samples. It is a catch-22 that the best patterns come from the most accurate measurements, and the most accurate measurements are found while wearing a properly fitted bra…. We will get as close as we can for the measuring step. She will also try several different wire sizes on your breast root (this is the curve where your breast tissue meets your chest wall) to determine which size is the best fit for your specific body. Many women have different sized breasts, and we can address that during pattern making! After the consultation is over, she will draft a pattern unique to your very specific measurements. Then a bra will be made in white of beige, your choice, and standard neckline trim, using this pattern.

At the first fitting, you will try on your bra to assess the fit. We will be checking for band length, the bridge (the part between your breasts) to fit snugly against your chest wall, cups smooth and supporting, and straps secure, as well as double checking the wire fit. If all these are correct, hooray! You can take your new bra home today! There is a chance that there may be some minor tweaks needed to be made, and if this is so, you will need to come back for another fitting. Our goal is to achieve a perfect and comfortable fit, as this pattern will be used to create all future bra and swimwear designs for you.

Basic bra, edited to remove identifying features as per client request

Basic bra, edited to remove identifying features as per client request